Shufersal rolls out Shopic’s smart cart solution

Israels leading grocery retailer Shufersal has decided to rollout Shopic`s smart cart solution across its store network. “Over time, they are planning to equip all 200 stores with 800 square meters or more with our solution”, Raz Golan, CEO and Co-Founder of Shopic, told The Retail Optimiser at Euroshop in Düsseldorf. For the project, Shufersal was awarded with one of this year’s EHI Reta Awards last week.

Until end of this month, Shufersal wants to have 2,000 devices in 30 stores in use. Different from other smart cart solutions, the devices are clipped onto ordinary shopping trolleys and are removed from it and placed into a loading unit after use.


The unit is equipped with four cameras. Two of them look into the trolley and two further ones are covering parts of the surrounding. Computer vision technology automatically identifies every item which is placed in or removed from the trolley by the customer with an accuracy of 99.4 per cent. Shoppers do not have to scan the barcode of each item unless the device asks them to.

Frictionless customer journey allows targeted promotion

Via the display, customers can keep track of their purchases in real time. They can also receive personalised sales promotions of related products from the retailer. Furthermore, the software of the device can be fully synchronised with the retailer’s loyalty program. “Retailers are able to present the right promotions to the right customers at the right time, resulting in higher sales and higher satisfaction for the shoppers”, said Raz Golan during a presentation on Euroshop’s Retail Technology Stage in Düsseldorf last week.

At the end of the purchasing process, the trolley-attached device calculates the receipt.  Customers can pay frictionless via the cart-display within the retailers`s store. To check out, shoppers have to put the smart cart device back into the charging station. They can leave the store with their trolley and their purchased items. “Shopic provides a superior technological solution that delivers all the benefits of online shopping to physical stores in a personalised, effective and fully transparent manner – without the need to wait in the checkout line,” is Ori Watermann, CEO of Shufersal quoted in a press release.

Basked sizes and monthly spending of customers increase

Shufersal stores which piloted the smart cart solution to date reported that customers’ basket sizes were 78 per cent larger than average as well as monthly spending rose by eight per cent. A share of 12 to 15 per cent of the retailer`s revenue was processed with Shopic’s solution. Raz Golan from Shopic said within his presentation at the Euroshop: “In addition to increasing sales and shopper satisfaction, we also help retailers to reduce operational costs by knowing better how to operate their stores much more efficiently”.

The data collected anonymously from Shopic’s solution can be used by retailers to optimise inventory, store layouts and labour, while identifying new trends in consumer preferences. In a press release, Ori Watermann, CEO from Shufersal, stated: “The artificial intelligence powering the technology enables us to constantly improve the shopping experience of our customers based on their purchase habits.”

Shufersal and Shopic were honored with an EHI Reta Award

One week ago, Shufersal and Shopic have once again won one of the Retail Technology Awards from EHI Retail Institute. Last year, Shufersal had won this price for its project with Shopic in the category `Best In-store solution’.

Raz Golan, CEO and Co-Founder of Shopic on Euroshop’s Retail Technology Stage with host Björn Weber, Publisher of The Retail Optimiser. (Video: Messe Düsseldorf)

The video shows a customer shopping in a retailer’s store using Shopic’s smart cart solution. (Video: Shopic)

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