Coles optimises workforce management with Palantir

Australian retailer Coles will deploy Palantir’s AI platform across more than 840 shops to improve its workforce management and in-store merchandising processes. As part of the three-year contract, the Australian supermarket operator will receive a range of HR strategy and analytics tools from the technology provider.

Coles is set to enhance decision-making and streamline workforce optimization by consolidating its data into a singular system. This initiative includes improving staff scheduling, increasing shift efficiency, and gaining greater insight into spend, all with the aim of enhancing the overall customer experience. Through this integrated system, store and department managers will have the ability to make real-time decisions, thereby improving operational costs and enhancing both customer and employee experiences.


Palantir’s solution, Foundry, will process more than 10 billion rows of data, covering every shop, every team member, every shift, and every task across all times of the day.

C&A works with Palantir

In 2023 C&A Modas S.A, a Brazilian trading partner of C&A, has used Palantir’s platform Foundry to optimise the company’s supply chain. The software helps to increase C&A’s ability to enforce and speed up inventory through alerts for replenishment of products in its best-selling portfolio. With Palantir’s solution C&A Brazil was able to identify several opportunities to improve inventory management of its best-selling products.

“The flow developed allowed us to optimize and speed up the entire purchase process: from the initial planning, to sending the products to the stores. Among the significant gains, I’d highlight the increase of sales of products that were in stock and the reduction of unnecessary overstock,” said Bruno Ferreira, Planning and Business Intelligence Director for C&A Brazil.

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Magdalena Nowak

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