Deutsche Bahn tests convenience vending machines with Glory and Bite Delite

At two commuter stations in the greater Munich area, Deutsche Bahn is testing convenience vending machines from Glory with high-quality goods from Munich-based specialist Bite Delite. The stock is managed centrally taking the sell-by-dates into account. Commuters can reserve goods from a responsive website and pay in advance.

The vending machines are already placed with the name “Zugvogel” at Freising and Holzkirchen stations near Munich, which are heavily frequented by commuters. Deutsche Bahn is planning more in this metropolitan area as part of the test run. Via the responsive website, commuters can reserve goods that are already in the vending machines on request and pay for them in advance.


By scanning a QR code from their smartphone display, customers pick up reserved goods from the vending machine. But it is also possible to select and pay on the spot.

Automation specialist Glory supplies the machines together with cloud-based software that can be used to monitor the temperature in the refrigerated area remotely as well as the inventory management taking into account the best-before dates.

Short-term sales forecasts and data collection from the option of reserving goods in advance are intended to help keep availability high as well as sales within the sometimes very short shelf life.

Goods can be reserved online

Customers can not only reserve goods on the website, but also get detailed information about the high-quality products in advance – including traceability back to the local producers.  Details on ingredients, allergens and the origin of the products on offer are also displayed on a large screen at the vending machine.

Dominik Cipa, Director of Innovation at Glory Global Solutions, is pleased that Deutsche Bahn is tackling the project with his company: “Our combination of cloud-based software and IoT hardware enables a complete solution that meets consumers’ increased desire for fresh, regional food that is accessible around the clock.”

Deutsche Bahn is always looking for solutions to make even smaller stations more attractive, where it is not worthwhile for operators to run stores because they are only heavily frequented during peak hours.

Inventory management of the short-lived products runs centrally in a Glory cloud solution taking the sell-by-date into account. (Photo: DB AG / Polkehn)
Inventory management of the short-lived products runs centrally in a Glory cloud solution taking the sell-by-date into account. (Photo: DB AG / Polkehn)

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