Edeka’s Netto automates crate picking with Cimcorp

Edeka’s Netto has automated the picking of produce crates at another distribution centre using technology from Finnish intralogistics specialist Cimcorp. The logistics centre in Coswig, Saxony, supplies 228 Netto stores with food and non-food products. The storage and picking system enables efficient storage and retrieval of crates, optimises the use of available space and reduces manual handling.

At Netto, fresh goods must be delivered to the stores within 24 hours of arrival at the logistics centre in order to guarantee the freshness and quality of the products. Together, Cimcorp and Netto developed a customised solution that increases efficiency and integrates seamlessly into the discounter’s existing processes.


The picking systems ensure that products are picked accurately and efficiently, guaranteeing the integrity and quality of the goods. The technology enables the automation of physically demanding tasks, reducing the strain on distribution centre staff. “With automation of our processes, we’re investing in the company’s continued competitiveness and responding to the current situation in the labor market,” says Christina Stylianou, Head of Corporate Communications at Netto.

Other German retailers work with Cimcorp

In 2020, Edeka Group’s discounter became the first German retailer to use systems from Finnish technology provider Cimcorp. The automation of the logistics centre in Thiendorf, Saxony, was the first joint project between Netto and the intralogistics specialist.

Rewe Group also installed the Finnish company’s fresh produce picking system earlier this year, as reported by The Retail Optimiser. This was the first time the group had introduced warehouse automation in the fresh produce sector.

The video shows how the picking system at Netto’s distribution centre in Coswig operates. (Video: Cimcorp Group)

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