Guest Feature: Goodbye checkout queues – with new POS printers from Citizen

Queues at the checkout are annoying for customers. The wait even causes some to cancel their purchase. This results in lost sales for the retail company. However, there are several ways to optimise checkout hardware to make the process more efficient: from scanning to terminals and payment to receipt printing. Printing in particular now offers new potential for saving time. This is because the new CT-S801III and CT-S851III POS printers from Citizen are almost twice as fast as their predecessor models.

Innovative hardware is a prerequisite for effective processes. According to the EHI study POS Systems 2024, 80 per cent of respondents plan to change their checkout hardware in the next two years. Almost a quarter want to completely replace their checkout hardware.


In addition to speed, important factors for a POS system are ease of maintenance, total cost of ownership and the possibility of remote maintenance. Parameters that a new receipt printer should also fulfil. This is because in a selection test, retail companies test all the components of the POS system, including the printer performance, in rigorous tests to determine their resilience.

Quality and innovation

Stability, a low error rate and proven quality over many years of use are features that Citizen brings to its new generation of POS printers. The further development of the printer series to type 3 with the new CT-S801III and CT-S851III models is advantageous because the devices have already been successfully used by retailers and in the catering industry for many years. The new models are also designed to offer even greater ease of use, connectivity and cost-effectiveness.

To make checkout queues a thing of the past, the new CT-S801III and CT-S851III POS printers set a new speed standard for POS printing. Both printers score points with turbo-fast receipt printing at a speed of up to 500 millimetres per second. Receipts, receipt numbers, wait numbers, coupons, kitchen orders and much more are available in high quality in a matter of seconds.

Ease of use saves time at the checkout

The new LCD display is intuitive and ergonomic to use. Companies can add their company logos and scrolling text, making the POS printer customisable to their needs. The printer can be programmed to display specific messages that simplify day-to-day operations, such as low paper warnings, error messages and even instructions to order new receipt rolls – depending on what the user considers relevant to their printing processes.

The new printers are characterised by high availability because they feature a convenient, tool-free maintenance system in which the components of the automatic cutter and the print head can be easily removed for quick maintenance.

The receipt printers are resistant to disinfectants. Their housings can therefore be cleaned with common cleaning chemicals. This is an important factor in kitchens and food counters, where disinfectants are frequently used for hygiene reasons.

Both POS printers come with full hardware and software connectivity and offer various optional interfaces such as serial, parallel, LAN, WiFi and Bluetooth as well as comprehensive software compatibility.

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