Gustoso Group selects Targomo to analyse location potential

Gustoso Group, one of the fastest growing branded restaurant operators in Germany, is supporting the expansion of business with new location intelligence technology from specialist Targomo. This is helping the company to efficiently identify the best locations for each of its restaurant brands Cotidiano, Ciao Bella, Ruff’s Burger and Otto’s Burger. With the help of the TargomoLOOP platform, the gastronomy specialists are able to quickly analyse the potential of a possible new location to assess whether it is suited to the target audiences of its various brands.

“We were immediately won over by Targomo. The interactive tool allows us to assess potential locations much more quickly and efficiently,” explains Andreas Reitz, Director Development & Expansion of Gustoso Group. Following a successful trial period, the restaurant professionals are now using TargomoLOOP in their day to day work. In addition to efficient data analysis of a location’s potential, based on its competitive situation, demographics, purchasing power and footfall, the platform also enables the structured evaluation of points of interest. These provide information about the area’s characteristics and visitor attractions, which makes it easier to assess the value of footfall for the company’s own business.


Location intelligence platform supports expansion

Andreas Reitz’s team uses TargomoLOOP to assess every possible new location and understand its respective potential for the various restaurant brands operated by the group. For example, a location that proves unsuitable for better burger player Ruff’s Burger might well be a good fit for Italian concept Ciao Bella. The varied requirement profiles of the group’s individual restaurant brands, along with key performance metrics from existing locations, have been stored in TargomoLOOP in a way that makes it easy for the gastronomy experts to work interactively with the platform. This allows them to assess the locations’ potential in real time via the user interface without the need to create reports.

With Targomo, the Gustoso Group can now drive efficiency into its processes. “Previously, we entered all relevant data into a huge Excel spreadsheet,” reports Stefanie Langhans, Senior Finance Manager at Gustoso Group, “but over time it became so complex that detailed analyses for each potential location became too time-consuming.” With TargomoLOOP, Gustoso Group can now carry out much more detailed analyses and ensure that it only visits properties whose locations are economically viable for one or more of its restaurant brands. “Leveraging the platform, we can minimise existing uncertainties when making location decisions,” Stefanie Langhans is pleased to say.

The fact that TargomoLOOP also allows to very precisely forecast possible cannibalisation effects of potential new locations on existing restaurants is highlighted by the managers of Gustoso Group as a particular advantage. But the gastronomy professionals have even more plans for the platform: In the future, TargomoLOOP will also actively suggest locations that are likely to replicate the success of strongly performing existing restaurants.

The managers of Gustoso Group are quick to praise the cooperation with the Targomo team: “These are smart people who bring great competence to the table. The strong cooperation is very valuable for us,” says Andreas Reitz. For example, joint workshops between the companies highlighted the roles of competition and points of interest, allowing the location search criteria to be optimised. For the Gustoso Group team, Targomo has provided great support in finding the best locations for the 14 new restaurants planned for this year and thus in pursuing its expansion strategy.

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