Rossmann expands the implementation of self-checkout with Diebold Nixdorf

Rossmann is equipping more and more stores with self-checkouts. The drugstore operator is installing both Diebold Nixdorf All-in-One systems from its Easy Express product line as well as Beetle POS systems from the in-store technology specialist integrated into furniture manufactured by shopfitter Kesseböhmer. To date, Rossmann has put more than 400 of these systems into operation.

The company told The Retail Optimiser that a total of around 2,000 self-checkouts are currently in use at more than 760 Rossmann stores. The company plans to break through the 1,000 stores mark and a total of 2,500 of these systems by the end of 2024. The long-term goal is to equip all outlets with self-checkouts. The Scan&Go concept is also being tested at six locations.


Depending on size, stores will have three to four self-checkout systems. These will only accept card payments. Customers can still use an attended checkout to pay with cash.

Concepts thoroughly tested

Rossmann prepared its roll-out decision carefully. The company launched its first own solution back in 2017. On a long counter, it installed a supervisor station and three hybrid checkout systems, which could be operated by both customers and employees. Here, too, only card payments were possible. In an earlier test, the drugstore operator had installed cash recycling modules in a standard piece of furniture but did not pursue this approach further.

The company piloted its homegrown solution in all store types. After analysing the project and feedback from the stores, it decided to modify the concept. Because the long counter does not fit into all store layouts, Rossmann switched to individual modules based on standard furniture. The company reduced the number of hybrid checkouts and implemented a new supervisor till with a short conveyor belt.

Integrated into the checkout zone

Based on the experience gained from the pilot phases, Rossmann designed the new checkout zone as part of an interdisciplinary project. The self-checkouts are now integrated into the checkout zone. The systems have a large traffic light and can be easily seen from the manned checkout counter.

Rossmann is also implementing new software with the self-checkouts. The graphical user interface and operator guidance for the self-service checkouts comes from Diebold Nixdorf. The Vynamic Self-Service application has a standard interface to the POS software used at Rossmann, which comes from specialist Combase. Scales or special software to combat inventory discrepancies are not yet part of the project.

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Joachim Pinhammer

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