Aldi Nord to evaluate Trigo for stock control

This week, Aldi Nord entered a partnership with Trigo to jointly develop its Vision Recognition-based store technology. The aim is to combine the technology used in Aldi Nord’s first scanning-free store in Utrecht with other software to automate store processes such as the detection of out-of-stocks. The partnership was preceded by an investment by Aldi Nord in Trigo, the amount of which the partners are not disclosing.

In July this year, Aldi Nord opened its first store with Trigo technology in the Dutch city of Utrecht, which eliminates the need for scanning during the checkout process. Customers can simply pack their purchases and leave the shop without a checkout process. Aldi Nord and Trigo want to further develop the technology behind this in the future in close cooperation. The strategic partnership that has now been concluded is intended to provide the framework for this. The contract was preceded by an investment by Aldi Nord in Trigo, the amount of which the partners are not disclosing. Aldi’s competitor Rewe Group had already invested in Trigo in 2021.


The partnership is expected to include linking with other software applications such as checking stock levels in real time to minimise out-of-stock or expired items and to manage shop and supply chain operations with foresight. “To successfully take discounting into the future, technology and business must go hand in hand,” says Sinanudin Omerhodzic, Chief Technology Officer at Aldi Nord. “Our close partnership with Trigo combines exactly that and brings together two true experts in their field. The cooperation in Utrecht has shown that we share the right values and can work together to create fast solutions with an eye for the essentials, always focusing on customer benefits.”

Computer vision for more processes

Michael Gabay, co-founder and CEO of Trigo says: “This next chapter of our partnership is about digitalisation, where computer vision will revolutionise the business model. We look forward to working with Aldi Nord to create the infrastructure for the future of discounting.”

With the strategic partnership between Aldi Nord and Trigo, the test of the checkout-less system in Utrecht, which has been running since the summer, also enters a new phase. “We don’t have final results yet, but the initial findings are promising,” says Sinanudin Omerhodzic. “We are now building on this and further developing the Aldi Shop & Go concept and the cutting-edge technology behind it: discount meets computer vision technology 2.0.”

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