Dune London launches ship-from-store with OneStock

British footwear retailer Dune London has reported success from using OneStock’s order management system to enable ship-from-store for its stores. The retailer introduced the cloud-based system in October 2023 as part of a comprehensive omnichannel strategy to optimise and improve large areas of its business operations. Dune London implemented the OneStock order management system in collaboration with Tryzens, a digital commerce agency.

Since deploying the solution, the footwear retailer has reduced its warehousing costs by 30 per cent without having to hire additional in-store staff. OneStock’s order management system has also enabled Dune London to reduce the average delivery time to customers and reduce the number of returns. The software provider’s solution enables the retailer to streamline in-store fulfillment by using inventory data for efficient order processing directly in the stores.


“Our collaboration with OneStock and Tryzens enables us to create a seamless and personalised shopping journey for our customers. It’s more than an operational upgrade – it’s a step towards realising our vision of offering a truly omnichannel experience,” says Andy Grainger, Digital Director at Dune London.

Dune London focuses on digital growth

The new system and the collaboration with the technology provider are intended to support the optimisation and improvement of broad business areas at Dune London. The footwear retailer can now use its entire stores as a fulfilment channel to maximise efficiency and make its physical stores key components of its omnichannel strategy.

In 2021, Dune London partnered with Tryzens to launch a digital flagship store based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The footwear retailer’s previous e-commerce platform required customised solutions for any additions or changes, which meant the team spent a lot of time on back-office management. With Salesforce, Dune London has been able to evolve its digital strategy in line with growing industry trends, offering targeted and personalised content on its website while reducing manual administration for the team.

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