Edeka’s Netto launches second Pick&Go store with Trigo and Mettler Toledo

Netto opened its second Pick&Go store with technology from Israeli provider Trigo this week. Customers can shop in the 800 square metre store of the Edeka Group’s discounter in Regensburg without a check-in and without having to scan goods. Unlike at Netto’s first Pick&Go store in Munich (as reported by The Retail Optimiser), customers can check and receive their receipt at the fast-exit terminals in the store. Weight sensors under each fruit & vegetable crate record the removed items to the exact gram and automatically add them to the customer’s shopping basket.

In its Regensburg store, which has been retrofitted with Pick&Go technology, Netto offers almost 5,000 SKUs in all product categories. Customers can enter the store without any entry barriers or prior registration. Netto uses a hybrid shopping model in the Pick&Go store in Regensburg: customers can either shop with or – now new – without using the retailer app with the stored payment method and make cashless payments at fast-exit terminals or self-checkouts. In addition, shoppers can pay by card, smartphone or in cash at a manned checkout. Edeka Group’s discount chain sees the combination of these three checkout alternatives as the best possible shopping experience for all customers.


With the help of cameras on the ceiling and weight sensors in the shelves, Trigo’s technology allocates the products removed or put back to the respective customers and creates individual shopping baskets. This is done anonymously without storing biometric data or movement profiles. All data is deleted after the payment process when the customer leaves the store.

Fruit and vegetables measured to the gram using AI

Customers can see their shopping basket and the total amount of their purchase on the display at one of the two fast-exit terminals at the exit of the store – without having to put the goods on the checkout counter or scan them. “In our new store in Regensburg, ‘Pick&Go’ is possible for the first time without time-consuming registration and without check-in in real time,” explains Christina Stylianou, Head of Corporate Communications at Netto.

Netto is presenting an innovation in the fruit and vegetable section of its Regensburg store: until now, retailers could only sell fruit and vegetables by piece with Trigo’s Pick&Go solution. In collaboration with Trigo, Mettler Toledo has developed a solution that automatically weighs fruit and vegetable products when they are picked and transfers the price to the till receipt, accurate to the gram. The price and exact weight of the removed goods are shown to customers directly on the electronic shelf label display.

Aldi Nord also tests Shop & Go with Trigo without app

In summer 2023, also Aldi Nord simplified the shopping experience in its only cashierless test store in Utrecht, the Netherlands (The Retail Optimiser reported). Customers no longer need the Aldi Shop&Go app to enter the store and pay. They can now enter the Aldi Nord store even without scanning their payment card at the entrance. Customers can pay for their goods by card at a newly installed terminal in the exit area of the store.

Customers can check, confirm and pay for their goods at the fast-exit terminals in the Netto Pick&Go shop in Regensburg and receive their receipt while still in the store. (Photo: Netto)
Customers can check, confirm and pay for their goods at the fast-exit terminals in the Netto Pick&Go shop in Regensburg and receive their receipt while still in the store. (Photo: Netto)

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