GK and Flooid are growing strongly on the POS software market

While NCR Voyix (formerly NCR) continues to lead the ranking of all new POS software installations not only in the USA, but worldwide, European challengers GK and Flooid are achieving respectable successes in the number one’s US home market: with retail giants such as Hy-Vee and Lidl as customers, GK accounts for over a quarter of all new POS software installations in the North American food retail sector. And the British provider Flooid (formerly PCMS), with its new customer Walgreens, is also gaining a considerable position among new installations in the USA and Canada.

According to the recently published Global POS Software 2023 study by the British research company RBR Data Service, which is part of Datos Insight, GK remains number one for new POS software installations in Europe.


In the grocery retail sector worldwide, GK is number three POS software supplier. In Eastern Europe, the specialists from Schöneck, which are now part of Fujitsu, lead the ranking of all suppliers in terms of all POS software installations.

Oracle overtakes Toshiba

In the ranking of new installations at the checkout, Oracle has overtaken Toshiba in third place. However, this also includes installations in the fast food sector and not just in retail. NCR Voyix is also very strongly represented in the fast food restaurant sector. According to Retail Optimiser estimates, Oracle plays a subordinate role in the food retail sector in terms of new installations, as the company no longer supports numerous relevant, acquired solutions in the segment.

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Other relevant POS software providers are Diebold Nixdorf with new customers in all regions of the world, but also the Chinese companies Heading and Shiji Group as well as Toshiba and the Japanese companies NEC and Fujitsu (without GK).

For this year’s study, the analysts from RBR Data Services analysed the number of installations of over 120 POS software providers in 48 countries. Only retail companies and projects with more than 1,000 POS systems are included in the survey.

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