Maxima relies on Strongpoint’s self-checkouts

Lithuanian grocery store operator Maxima has signed a framework agreement with Strongpoint for the supply of self-checkout systems. The term of the agreement is three years. Over this period, the Norwegian retail technology provider is to install at least 1,000 SCOs in Maxima shops in the Baltics. Self-checkouts from Diebold Nixdorf are already in use at Maxima.

Maxima Group is the largest retail company in the Baltic States and operates a total of 1,500 grocery stores in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as well as in Poland and Bulgaria. The company has already equipped selected shops with self-checkout systems from manufacturer Diebold Nixdorf since 2016. Now many more stores are to benefit from the self-service technology.


With its new generation of self-checkouts, the retail group intends to speed up the process and simplify it for customers. At the same time, the company wants to relieve store employees. Maxima had evaluated solutions from various providers before deciding on the systems from Strongpoint.

Customers can pay with card or cash

Maxima accepts card and cash payments at its self-checkouts. Strongpoint uses components from its subsidiary Cashguard to accept notes as well as coins and give change. The system integrates a camera that can identify products using artificial intelligence. The self-learning software can save customers the trouble of searching for the right types of fruits or vegetables at checkout, for example.

For the supervisory functions, Strongpoint provides an app. This can run on all mobile devices using an Android operating system. The application notifies an employee in charge if interventions in the process should be necessary.  This way, they can monitor operations at the SCO remotely.

Scan & Go is being expanded

This month, Maxima also expanded the number of stores in Lithuania where customers can scan and pay using their smartphones. The company had first trialled the service in one store in the city of Riga, Retail Optimiser reported. Now, customers in 31 of the larger Maxima stores in the country can register their purchases while shopping using the Maxima app. They then pay either at one of the SCOs or directly via app in a specially designated store area.

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