Müller optimises inventory with Relex software

After a several months long testing phase, Müller has decided to implement software from Finnish specialist Relex which is also used by its competitor Rossmann. The German drugstore operator intends to automate forecasting and replenishment processes, in order to reduce stock levels and to guarantee high product availability at the same time. Müller will first implement the solution in one store and then gradually roll it out internationally. Müller currently operates 864 outlets in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Spain.

Automated sales forecasts using AI and machine learning technology

Relex software uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to analyse data from around 35 million SKUs. Based on this data, the system provides automated sales forecasts. These can be individually adapted to the stores’ requirements. The software provides order proposals that are accurate to the day. It takes into account public holidays and advertising campaigns. The solution allows the retailer to fine-tune inventory management for each individual SKU according to store type and day of the week.


With approximately 190,000 articles, Müller offers its customers a wide range of consumer products. In addition to typical drugstore items, the retailer also sells stationery, toys and multi-media articles in its stores. Inventory management of such a diverse range of products presents great challenges. The aim is to reduce stock levels without creating out-of-stock situations. Automated forecasting and replenishment software has proven successful in this process. With a growing data base, it can deliver increasingly accurate forecasts and ensure that customers can find the desired goods on the shelf at the right time.

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Joachim Pinhammer

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