Denner connects suppliers with Bayard’s Byrd platform

Denner has started to enable its suppliers to deliver their product content via industry-wide networks such as the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) and Swiss Trustbox. For this purpose, the discounter, which belongs to Migros Group, uses Bayard’s Byrd platform, which it has fully integrated into its Syndigo (Riversand) system.

With its mega-digitisation project “Summit”, Denner is currently making itself fit for the future: the discounter, which belongs to Swiss Migros Group, is modernising most of its processes and IT systems in a core renovation that will take several years. In addition to the introduction of a new merchandise management system based on SAP S/4HANA, the modernisation of the existing warehouse management system and the introduction of a new business intelligence platform, the implementation of a consistent master data system is one of the most important components of the retail company’s general overhaul.


The decision in favour of the system from Riversand, which now belongs to Syndigo, had already been made in 2019. In the meantime, the discounter has succeeded, among other things, in mapping the entire cooperative product management with its own-brand suppliers in Syndigo.

Initiative for more product content quality

In mid-2021, Denner launched an initiative to further optimise product content quality. The focus is now on connecting the manufacturers of branded goods. For these, but also for some own-brand manufacturers, Denner also wants to use the industry-wide product content networks such as the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) going forward. However, a GDSN connection alone was not sufficient for Denner: The data pool TrustBox of GS1 Switzerland, which is not integrated into the GDSN, is also relevant for the Swiss consumer goods industry.

Denner opted for Bayard’s product content life cycle management platform Byrd to seamlessly integrate its Syndigo (formerly: Riversand) MDM system with industry-wide data networks such as the GDSN and also the Swiss TrustBox. Denner also uses the GS1-certified GDSN data pool b-synced, a module of the Byrd platform.

Automated into the master data system

In the project with Bayard, the consultants succeeded in linking the industry’s data pools with Denner’s Syndigo system in a way that the product content from suppliers flows automatically into the retailer’s MDM — in exactly the format Denner wanted.

With the help of b-integrated, a module of the platform Byrd, data from the GDSN and Trustbox are not only mapped automatically with the Syndigo format. Byrd supplies Denner’s MDM with data on the push principle. This means that new data records do not have to be requested manually but are available directly in the Syndigo system. “With Bayard, we got everything from a single source: The process know-how, the integration software and the GDSN data pool,” says Daniel Kirschbaum, MDM programme manager at Denner.

With the help of Bayard’s services, Denner is now ready to work with the GDSN and Trustbox. This will make work much easier for those suppliers who are connected to at least one of the two networks. At Denner itself, the creation and updating of product data will be much faster and more efficient in the future. Until now, the product data of the brand-name article manufacturers had to be entered manually from a product data sheet into the old merchandise management system.

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