dm automates cash processes with Glory

Drugstore company dm is speeding up cash processes in the back office of its stores with systems from Glory. The company has now installed more than 1,000 CI-100 cash recycling systems from the Japanese specialist’s Cashinfinity series. The systems are intended to make cash processing more secure, relieve employees and increase productivity.

Even though consumers are increasingly paying cashless, a great number of notes and coins still end up in retailers’ cash registers. This means a high risk of theft and fraud. Above all, employees spend a lot of time and effort processing cash.


Recycling technology optimises cash processes

Usually, employees must count cash in tills several times as shifts change and at the end of the day, according to the two-man rule. Using a recycling system, this process is significantly simplified. At the end of their shifts, cashiers simply empty the contents of the cash drawer at the recycling system. The machine automatically counts the money and deposits coins and notes in so-called recycling modules. These can dispense change in the desired denomination when required. End of the day routine is being exercised by simply pushing a button.

The systems connect online to a server of cloud services provider S&N Invent. It informs store management in real time about the status of the machine and provides demand analyses. Thus, management is always informed about the current stock of cash. Software also supports the planning of cash-in-transit operations. Thanks to the online connection, Glory can carry out service activities or update systems centrally without disrupting day-to-day business.

The recycling system automatically counts the money and deposits notes and coins into recycling modules. The machine can give them out in the desired denomination when required. (Photo: Glory)

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