MediaMarktSaturn deploys Generative AI

MediaMarktSaturn is introducing a range of innovative applications based on Generative AI. These tools have been developed to provide comprehensive support for both customers and employees. Lebensmittel Zeitung reports that the first application ‘GenAI Sandbox’ will be available to all employees at the headquarters in Ingolstadt in the coming weeks. The introduction of the tool will give them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the technology, try it out and gradually integrate it into their day-to-day work. Solutions such as ChatGPT, Google Palm and the open source solution Llama 2 from Meta are integrated into the application.

According to Lebensmittel Zeitung, the next step will be to introduce further AI assistants, including a customer care bot, which will initially be implemented in the Netherlands. This solution is designed to help service employees by enabling them to communicate with callers in their native language. “It’s very difficult to find enough call centre staff, especially at peak times like Christmas,” explains Henny Steiniger, Vice President Services, Customer Experience, Care & Loyalty at MediaMarktSaturn, speaking with Lebensmittel Zeitung.


To ensure safe use, MediaMarktSaturn has implemented restrictions by working with blacklists and whitelists. These measures prevent the AI from being used for inappropriate purposes and from processing unwanted data.

Interactive user manual

An additional planned solution is an interactive instruction manual. The customer can interact with a chat bot that provides all the information about the purchased device. In an initial phase, the retailer has trained the bot specifically for own-brand products such as washing machines and kitchen appliances.

The company is also planning a tool for creating search engine-optimised content for its employees. In addition, it will soon be possible to ask questions about holiday requests and other HR topics in natural language via a workplace solution.

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