Norges Gruppen Meny optimises online business with Manhattan Associates

Norges Gruppen relies on technology from Manhattan Associates to better meet growing customer expectations in the online business of its premium supermarket chain Meny. Norway’s largest food retailer is implementing Manhattan Active Warehouse Management to manage distribution of goods to the Meny stores and its online customers.

Meny currently picks orders from its online customers in 50 of its stores. The supermarket operator is building a 13,000 square metre fulfilment centre for the Oslo metropolitan region, which is scheduled to open in autumn 2024. Due to the size and demographic structure of the country, decentralised delivery will continue from stores outside the capital.


With help of the warehouse management solution, the retailer expects to better satisfy future requirements of its e-commerce customers. Per Ola Drøpping, CEO of Norges Gruppen Data, explains in a press release that the cloud-native application is in line with Norges Gruppen’s technology strategy, which is geared towards agility and innovation.

AI controls order picking

The Manhattan Active platform has a modular structure and is scalable. It consists of microservice APIs, self-contained functional units that are responsible for specific tasks within the application. Those can be extended with tools and additional services. The system architecture enables users to easily integrate the software into other systems.

The warehouse management solution controls demand, supply, staff deployment and automation across the user’s entire network. The system uses machine learning to optimise order processing. Artificial intelligence also orchestrates the interaction between humans and automation technologies to improve efficiency of processes.

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