Żabka speeds up expansion of autonomous stores with AiFi

Polish convenience store leader Żabka is rapidly pushing ahead with the expansion of cashierless stores. While large retail chains such as Aldi Nord and Süd, Carrefour, Edeka's Netto, Tesco and Rewe are testing checkout-free stores at individual locations in Europe, Żabka Group has already opened fifty stores of its AI-based banner line Żabka Nono in Poland.


Robots succeed with RFID

Robots take over routine tasks at retail companies that have tagged all products on the sales floor with RFID. In addition to Kmart Australia and Adler Modemärkte, French sporting goods retailer Decathlon in Germany is also planning to use the Tory RFID inventory robot from MetraLabs to automatically record inventory in more than twelve stores. This should relieve employees of…

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