Feneberg tests self-scanning store with Wanzl and Pyramid

Since October last year, the retailer Feneberg, which is affiliated with Edeka Südbayern, has been testing an unstaffed mini-store equipped with self-checkout terminals in Oberstaufen, Bavaria. Customers gain access to the Fene concept store via a card access system from shopfitting specialist Wanzl. Purchases can only be paid for cashless at Pyramid self-checkouts, which the technology provider developed according to Edeka Nordbayern’s specifications, as reported by The Retail Optimiser. Datalogic scanners are installed in the terminals. To leave the store, customers scan the barcode on their receipt at the exit barriers. Employees are currently still on site every day to explain the new store concept to customers.

The retailer can use a cloud-based software platform from Wanzl to centrally manage and control various processes in the store. The solution eliminates the need for time-consuming manual processes on site. For example, Feneberg can use the platform to see how many customers are in the store in real time or to control the lighting in the outlet. “Wanzl’s self-service concept is perfect for operating stores in very rural areas with limited staff availability, so that local supply can be made available to residents,” says Amelie Feneberg, Head of Distribution at Feneberg.


The 420-square-metre store offers an extensive standard range of fresh produce, baked goods, frozen food and toiletries. Alcoholic beverages are located in a separate area, which can only be accessed by scanning an ID card or driving licence. The entrance barriers from Wanzl are equipped with a security sensor system that triggers an alarm signal if necessary.

Edeka innovates with Wanzl

Feneberg is not the first Edeka retailer to trial an unstaffed shop with Wanzl technology. Back in September last year, The Retail Optimiser reported on the Edeka Jäger supermarket at Stuttgart Airport. The retailer has converted it into a 24/7 store. Between 10pm and 6am, customers are able to access the store via a Wanzl entrance barrier.

The video shows the operation of the Feneberg mini-store, which is equipped with entrance barriers from Wanzl and self-checkout terminals from Pyramid. (Video: Wanzl)

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