Rewe Group Lekkerland goes live with Smart Fridges from

Lekkerland has opened a fully automated container store of the Rewe Ready banner at EnBW charging park in Lichtenau near Chemnitz in the German federal state of Saxony. The convenience specialist is employing its ‘Smart Shop’ concept in live operation for the first time here. This is part of the portfolio of smart store solutions from the wholesale and logistics company, which is part of Rewe Group.

The unmanned store is equipped with three AI-based smart fridges, vending machines for tobacco products and alcoholic beverages and a coffee machine. Customers of the charging park as well as commuters and residents can stock up on fresh snacks, sandwiches and salads as well as coffee and chilled beverages. The store offers a total of almost 200 products.


As previously reported by the Retail Optimiser, technology for the smart fridges comes from Portuguese specialist Lekkerland has secured exclusive rights for Germany from the software company. The company had previously tested the smart fridges in its own offices.

Lekkerland relies on a mix of technologies

The fridge opens after the customer has scanned their bank or credit card. They can then remove the desired products and close the door again. Applying artificial intelligence, the system uses data from cameras and weight sensors to determine which items have been removed and charges the corresponding purchase amount to the customer’s card. For goods from the alcohol or tobacco vending machines, customers must first prove their age by scanning their ID card or driving licence.

The Smart Fridge from opens its doors after scanning a payment card, also via smartphone wallet. (Photo: Lekkerland/Charlotte Sattler)

Lekkerland has already developed five different smart store solutions that utilise different technologies and concepts. “We are convinced that the ‘one fits all’ approach does not work for smart stores,” explained Mehmet Tözge, Director Smart Store Development at Lekkerland, in an interview with the Retail Optimiser.

In addition to its ‘Smart Shop’ solution, the company also offers the self-checkout-based ‘Smart Kiosk’ concept, which is currently being used in hospitals. Its ‘Smart Automat’ solution, which utilises robotics and smart vending technologies from Latebird, is operated by Lekkerland at two other charging park locations: in Rostock, in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and in Bispingen, in the Lüneburg Heath. The Retail Optimiser reported. Lekkerland won the Reta Award from EHI Retail Institute for this concept in 2022. The Rewe Group wholesaler is also testing AiFi’s scanless technology with its ‘Smart Box’ concept. The Retail Optimiser reported.

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